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this is the best thing since sliced bread I’m not kidding

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"When he hangs up his boots one day, or maybe only decades later, we’ll really understand. We’ll live decades, realizing that no one quite matches what he did. Then we’ll look at the Youtube clips and documentaries made of him, and say “goodness, he was amazing. He scored more than anyone. He won more than anyone.” And maybe then the collective will realize that they won’t see a greater player in their lifetime."
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"Who’s in charge of the remote you or Leo?" 

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Emotional Messi during the penalty shoot outs.

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"winning the World Cup is the biggest thing there is. It’s something you dream of as a youngster and that dream never fades away.”

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Costa Rica’s NT arrives home

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Argentina Finalista de La Copa Brasil 2014: Romero atajó 2 penales.

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